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Haight Ashberry re-purposed & reflective dog leashes are woven out of remnant yarn from the fabric industry, turning rejected material into useful and functional product. The reflective threads are woven into the webbing making the reflective effect long lasting. Each batch can be slightly different but the color theme will remain the same. Haight Ashberry re-purposed & reflective dog leashes come in 3 color selections: Kiwiberry, Strawberry and Blackberry.

The large leash measures 5 feet long by 1 inch wide.

The webbing pull strength is 608 lbs.

The iron chrome plated clip has a pull strength is 439 lbs. 

Matching collar is available.

See Disclaimer and Safety Guidelines

Haight Ashberry Reflective Dog Leash - Large

  • Length: 5 feet

    Width: 1 inch

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