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Goli Design / Furever pets inspects our products before they leave our warehouse, but we cannot be responsible for any damage or mishandling thereafter. 

Pet parents are responsible for deciding whether our products are appropriate for their pets and assume all responsibility/liability upon purchasing our products. 

Neither Furever pets nor its owners are responsible for any injuries or damage that may result from use of the products.

Proper supervision is always recommended when using any pet product.  No pet products are indestructible.

All pet products should be inspected regularly and replaced as necessary.

Product Safety 

Collars, Harnesses & Leashes

Our collars, harnesses and leashes are inspected prior to shipping.  Nonetheless, we recommend that pet parents inspect their pet's new collar, harness and/or leash for defects upon receipt and periodically throughout its use.


We encourage all pet parents to periodically check their pet's collars, harnesses and/or leashes for fit and safety. 

A collar should be snug enough not to slip over your pet's head, but loose enough to comfortably slide (approximately) two fingers between the collar and their neck.

Harnesses should be snug but the straps should have enough space to comfortably slide (approximately) two fingers between the harness and your dog at any one point. Your dog should not be able to wiggle free, or have the harness slide excessively from side to side. Watch for pinching or chaffing which could mean the harness is too snug.

Upon initially fitting your pet's new collar or harness double check the fit after a few minutes to ensure that you have the correct and a comfortable fit.  Always observe and supervise your pet for the first few weeks to make sure it is adjusted properly.

We recommend consistently checking for sizing/fit or any sot of damage that could compromise the integrity of the collar, harness or leash or otherwise pose a safety risk.


Test and check the collar or harness buckle to ensure the mechanism is working. Please note that dog collars are not recommended for cats because they do not have a quick release buckle.

The best time to train your pet to wear a collar is while they are still young.  Collars for puppies and kittens should be checked regularly for fit and safety as they can grow fast and are usually both very active and kittens are not strong enough or heavy enough to trigger the breakaway buckle release.

If you pet is excessively scratching at their collar, the collar could be too snug, or it might be possible that they are sensitive to the collar material (e.g. nylon).  If the scratching continues after checking on the fit/sizing, you might want to try a collar made from a different material. Keep in mind that not all pets tolerate wearing a collar.  We recommend that you do not force them to wear one if they are unwilling.

If you are leash training you cat, we recommend attaching the leash to a cat harness and not your cat's collar, as the breakaway buckle could pose a safety risk and an escape opportunity.

Hanging ID tags or charms can get caught.  You might consider micro-chipping your pet and/or a flat ID tag that attaches directly to the collar instead.

Consider whether or not your pet needs to wear a collar if you are not home to monitor them.

Pet Toys

All our toys are inspected prior to shipping.  Nonetheless, we recommend that pet parents inspect their pet's toys for defects upon receipt and periodically throughout its use.

Be sure to remove the price tag and any packaging before giving any toy to your pet.

Always supervise your pet when playing with pet toys and do not permit your pet to continue playing with a toy that is broken or damaged.

No Pet toy is indestructible. 

Our pet toys are intended for interactive pet use only. 

Keep out of reach of children.

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